AECOM Process Technologies strives to reduce the cost for wastewater treatment through the minimization of waste generation. Our deep process understanding allows for the identification and application of innovative approaches for the reuse and/or reduction as well as improved treatability of wastewater streams.

Process Technologies has long practiced a holistic approach to helping our clients achieve regulatory compliance. Regardless of the pollutant(s) being targeted, we have built a significant portion of our business on our proven ability to deliver value-added solutions that minimize the cost of compliance.

We will not presuppose the final “end-of-pipe” treatment solutions. Instead, we will evaluate all potentially viable options for ensuring continued regulatory compliance to the degree warranted. In the end, our clients can be confident that we have established a path forward for detailed design that is well vetted and technically sound.

With the promulgation of the EPA’s new Effluent Limitation Guidelines for the Steam Electric Power Generating Category, the utility industry faces new water management and wastewater treatment challenges. Whereas past requirements addressed substances easily amenable to physical/chemical treatment, the inclusion of FGD purge water introduces a new level of complexity. FGD wastewater discharge limits now require removal of “hard-to-treat” constituents such as mercury and the selenate form of selenium. AECOM understands these complexities and is prepared to deliver reliable, cost-effective solutions.