AECOM Process Technologies has the resources and experience to guide concepts or technologies through the entire development cycle: from proof-of-concept research experiments through commercial deployment.

Process Technologies has a recognized history of advancing state-of-the-art processes from conception to commercialization. For almost fifty years, our engineers and scientists have played a vital role in advancing technologies across numerous industries. For the past two decades, we have excelled at seamlessly expanding our capabilities from research and development (R&D) to detailed design.

We have built our reputation on our repeated ability to develop thorough understandings of processes and how they can be optimized to achieve our client and market needs. We know that it is through the establishment of such a foundation, along with meticulous planning and execution, that we can most effectively navigate the obstacles associated with process commercialization. Whether we are developing our own intellectual property positions or working with third parties, the process largely remains the same.

Process Technologies has vast experience evaluating and optimizing third-party technologies, and have partnered or worked with several prominent technology providers and research organizations. Our ability to seamlessly integrate R&D with detailed design and ultimately procurement and construction allows us to advance technology at a fast pace without sacrificing quality. Our experience and perspective keep us focused on the commercialization and ultimately market objectives; we understand the need to develop a process that can be economically implemented and safely and reliably operated.