AECOM Process Technologies has in-depth experience and know-how to troubleshoot and correct the poor performance and reliability of pollution control systems using innovative and low-cost solutions and technology.

Industry Challenges

Industry faces the challenge of increasingly stringent environmental regulations. As a result, existing pollution control systems must operate at peak efficiency and reliability, and must provide maximum and sustainable performance to meet current and future emissions requirements. A large portion of existing systems were not designed to meet the emission standards currently being adopted or considered. In addition, these older systems often suffer from poor reliability and high O&M costs due to their age or design.

In today’s competitive environment, performance, operating costs, maintenance requirements, and reliability all have a significant impact on the bottom line, or worse, the viability of an aging asset. Through a cost-effective reliability upgrade project, the performance and reliability of an older system can be improved to levels matching or exceeding newer systems, regardless of age and design. In addition, new equipment and processes can be installed to lower operating costs and meet future regulatory requirements.

Upgrade Experience

For over 40 years, Process Technologies has been recognized as a world leader in pollution control technology — installing new units, upgrading existing units, solving poor reliability problems, and helping utilities effectively and efficiently operate their systems. We have been at the forefront — performing laboratory, pilot-scale, and full-scale studies aimed at obtaining a deeper understanding of processes and systems.

Process Technologies offers an experienced team of engineers and technologists to support our clients in developing, evaluating, and implementing proven technology and solutions to improve the performance and reliability of their pollution control systems. As a result of our broad experience and knowhow, we offer designs and approaches that are more innovative and cost-effective than our competitors.

The reasons why a utility or industrial client may want to perform a project generally fall into two categories: improved reliability and lower cost operation of a system, and/or rehabilitation and life extension of existing equipment. As a result of our experience and know-how, Process Technologies has successfully completed numerous projects in both of these categories — with innovative and low-cost solutions.


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