AECOM Process Technologies understands the challenges that industry faces today. It is necessary to maintain compliance with increasingly stringent environmental regulations without sacrificing profitability.

AECOM Process Technologies provides laboratory and analytical services to assist our clients in the identification, evaluation, optimization, and troubleshooting of the processes they depend upon.

Process Technologies maintains a suite of process and analytical laboratories in a state-of-the-art research complex located in Austin, TX. The facility is staffed by chemists and engineers experienced in analytical chemistry and laboratory investigations.

Individual labs are designed to be easily modified or re-outfitted with equipment and/or instrumentation to meet changing project needs, and are capable of continuous 24/7 operation.

Analytical Laboratories

Our Analytical Laboratories support characterization services involving the development, demonstration, or performance of industrial processes. Current routine analytes include metals (e.g., mercury, magnesium, etc.), halogens (e.g., chloride, fluoride, iodide), and polyatomic ions (e.g., nitrate, carbonate, sulfate). The analysis of hydrocarbons from liquid and solid samples is also performed. AECOM research chemists are able to develop new methodologies for other species of interest.

Process Engineering Laboratories

Our Process Engineering Laboratories Engineering support small- to mid-scale research and development of air-, water-, and hydrocarbon-based technologies. The labs contain multiple bench-scale systems, each of which is designed to simulate a different industrial process. Each system is composed of a process stream generation system, an experimental reaction chamber, and multiple sample ports.

Results generated from laboratory and bench-scale investigations enable researchers to assess the chemistry of the various processes, solve client
problems, and proactively develop solutions to upcoming needs.