AECOM Process Technologies is committed to advancing the development and implementation of long-duration energy storage, recognizing its importance to the continued growth of renewable energy.

Long-duration energy storage (LDES) technologies play a critical role in filling the gap between renewable energy power production and demand. AECOM works with technology developer, incubators, and commercial clients to refine, validate, demonstrate, and implement LDES technologies to fit specific needs and applications.

AECOM provides services to help customers implement energy storage solutions from utility-scale projects to commercial and industrial storage applications:

  • Research - laboratory and bench-scale testing; market assessments; process modeling and simulations
  • Development - techno-economic assessments; 3rd-party performance validation; unit operations integration
  • Demonstration - demonstration-scale design and scale up; turnkey project delivery; operations support; repurposing existing assets
  • Commercial Deployment - front-end engineering and design; detailed design; turnkey project delivery; owners engineer

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