AECOM Process Technologies offers several methods of improving the energy efficiency of coal-fired power plants by up to 3%, with a corresponding reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

As a consequence, power plants can realize significant operational cost savings by burning less coal, as well as by generating less coal combustion residual (CCR) wastes and emitting less air pollution.

SBS Injection™

By eliminating sulfuric acid and other compounds from the flue gas that lead to fouling and corrosion of air preheater equipment in the power plant, the performance and efficiency of this equipment can be dramatically improved.  Working with a leading supplier of air preheaters for the power industry, long-term testing has successfully shown recovery of thermal energy from the combustion gases down to temperatures as low as 220°F, corresponding to an improvement in overall plant efficiency of up to 3% or approximately a 300 Btu/MW-hr heat rate reduction.

To achieve maximum efficiency gains, most plants will require relatively simple modifications to the air preheater. Resulting benefits include:

  • Improved Plant Energy Efficiency
  • Reduced Plant Fuel Operating Costs
  • Reduced CO2 Emissions
  • Improved Air Preheater Reliability
  • Reduced Mercury Emissions
  • Reduced Fan Aux Power Usage
  • Improved Particulate Collection Efficiency
  • Reduced Wet FGD Water Consumption
  • Reduced Plant Derates

Boiler Tuning

Process Technologies has conducted combustion optimization and tuning projects on 5GW of installed capacity resulting in efficiency improvements of 1-2%. These improvements can be realized with minimal capital investment, typically by adjusting operating parameters such that all boiler unit operations work in concert, and translate to measurable reductions in GHG emissions.

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