AECOM Process Technologies can identify, evaluate and implement cost-effective upgrades to improve the reliability and performance of combined-cycle power plants

Low natural gas prices have resulted in a seismic shift in US power generation. Combined-Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) power plants that were designed for limited and intermittent operation to provide peak power, are now being called upon for baseload or load-following generation. To meet the demands of the current marketplace, many existing plants are in need of upgrades that improve reliability, availability and flexibility.

Upgraded CCGT plants can realize numerous benefits including:

  • Greater unit efficiency
  • Reduced plant derates and outages
  • Increased unit runtime
  • Greater plant operating flexibility
  • Improved labor utilization and reduced chemical costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs and safety risks

AECOM can identify needed system upgrades and provide the engineering, design and project management services to modernize and improve the reliability of CCGT plants in a cost-effective manner. Our staff have the experience to evaluate options to arrive at those providing the greatest return on investment. When the decision is made to proceed with an upgrade, we can support project implementation from detailed design through turnkey delivery.