AECOM Process Technologies provides complete services for boiler and emissions reduction systems optimization, Boiler MACT tune-ups, and operator and plant personnel training. Our expertise covers all configurations of boilers and fuels in the utility and industrial sectors, including pulp and paper, chemical and refinery.

Proper performance of a boiler and associated emissions control equipment is crucial to a unit meeting the ever-decreasing emissions output standards or Boiler MACT tune-up requirements. Improper settings for air flows, burners, overfire air (OFA) and SNCRs, for example, not only result in higher emissions but also increase the site’s costs for fuel and reagent. Periodic checks and adjustments to key boiler equipment, along with regular maintenance, contribute to maximum unit performance and to the reliability and service life of the equipment.

Process Technologies has considerable knowledge and experience optimizing all areas of boiler performance. We utilize the latest in inspection and diagnostic equipment to efficiently evaluate your boiler and emissions equipment and recommend changes, as needed, for improved performance. All work is fully documented and updated to ensure accurate records for future use and follow-up visits.

Our Field Services personnel are supported by an experienced multi-discipline engineering and technology team to provide tailored solutions for under-performing units or other site engineering and design needs. They are also experienced in training plant personnel to identify problem systems or components, and to implement effective improvement measures.