Sulfur trioxide (SO3) and sulfuric acid not only contribute to elevated opacity and a visual plume, but also heavily influence the performance of a power plant and its air quality control systems. By understanding how much SO3 is present and how to reduce it, many benefits to plant operation and environmental regulatory compliance can result.

For sulfur trioxide (SO3) control and management, AECOM Process Technologies offers the proprietary SBS Injection™ technology in partnership with Codan Development, LLC. We also have years of experience in the field measurement of flue gas constituents, including SO3, to characterize the source and contributors to visible stack opacity emissions, and determine the performance of emission control processes, such as selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems. Based on our knowledge of emission control technologies, AECOM Process Technologies can also provide engineering studies to evaluate and select the best control technology to meet our client’s plant-specific requirements.

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