AECOM Process Technologies leverages its experience into emerging greenhouse gas (GHG) technology control programs, with applications reaching across the power, cement, oil and gas, pulp and paper, and steel industries.

Our services range from paper studies and laboratory work to pilot- and demonstration-scale programs, and even full-scale installations. AECOM has a documented history of pushing state-of-the-art technologies from idea to implementation.

CO2 Consulting Services

co2 consulting diagramProcess Technologies has managed more than 30 DOE/NETL and EPRI sponsored projects ranging from bench scale R&D programs evaluating novel technology concepts to pilot and full-scale evaluations. We serve as a primary R&D partner to our clients by providing the following services for emerging GHG technologies:

  • Fundamental laboratory R&D investigations
  • Computational modeling
  • Techno-economic analysis
  • Engineering feasibility studies
  • Field demonstrations
  • Regulatory planning

Engineering Studies

Process Technologies conducts engineering studies at the pre-FEED (frontend engineering design), FEED, and detailed engineering levels and develops cost estimates at an accuracy dependent on the level of engineering completed. Site specific considerations include footprint requirements, steam cycle integration, impact on net generation, availability of utilities, pipeline infrastructure upgrades, byproduct storage, and disposal.

Laboratory Testing & Project Management

Process Technologies has managed a variety of GHG projects and uses extensive managerial controls and procedures to ensure safe project execution while delivering outstanding quality. Recent GHG projects include:

  • Design of a 0.5-MW pilot-scale CO2 solvent based absorber/stripper for post-combustion flue gas
  • Development of a sorbent enhanced water gas shift (SEWGS) process for pre-combustion CO2 capture
  • Modeling, sorbent synthesis, laboratory evaluation, and a techno-economic assessments

Techno-economic Assessments

Process Technologies routinely conducts techno-economic analyses of CO2 capture technologies. These assessments take advantage of advanced capital cost estimating tools including Aspen Icarus and costing databases that were developed in-house using engineering expertise, actual costs from previous projects, and information from technology vendors.

Pilot Test Programs

Process Technologies supports all phases of pilot-scale demonstrations of CO2 removal technologies, including planning, detailed engineering, installation and start-up, operation, performance analysis, decommissioning, and reporting.

Technologies for Improving Heat Rate

co2 consulting diagram 2Process Technologies offers several technologies that when employed on coal-fired electric generating units can improve heat rate, thus reducing fuel consumption and the generation of CO2. We can tailor a combination of chemistry/operational changes, upgrades to existing equipment, and integration of new and proprietary technologies to achieve GHG regulatory compliance objectives in the most economical manner.