Case Study: AECOM Process Technologies partnered with a fire training facility to design and oversee the construction of a wastewater treatment system expansion.

The project provided the training facility with operational flexibility and improved reliability through the expansion of their wastewater treatment system (WWTS) such that it could support the next 30 years of operation. This required effective treatment of additional wastewater associated with converting existing training props into liquid fuel (“black burn”) props.

The design included a manual bar screen, grit removal, an equalization basin and a buried force main to convey wastewater to the existing WWTS. The equalization basin stores wastewater from props during the day. After fire training activities are completed, wastewater is conveyed to the existing WWTS for treatment at a rate within design limits. The treated water is then stored for reuse.

Components were selected to minimize operations and maintenance costs and take advantage of operator experience with existing equipment and instrumentation. Construction required a deep excavation within 20 feet of an existing building and had to be completed without interruption to ongoing training activities.

AECOM Scope  Engineering, Construction Oversight
Contract Type  Guaranteed Max Price
Start Date  Aug 2019
Completion Date  Mar 2021

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