Vacuum Consolidation Dewatering, or VCD, is a patented technology that reduces the complexity, cost, and time associated with dewatering soft sediments such as sludge or coal combustion residuals (CCR) like coal ash and FGD byproducts.

Targeted, specialty dewatering does not have to be expensive or complicated. AECOM Process Technologies has developed a novel dewatering technology with CCR pond closures in mind.

The key to successful, low cost, pond closures is reducing the cost of CCR dewatering and handling. Current practices are vague, variable, expensive and risky. VCD utilizes vacuum technology tied to horizontal drains installed at a fixed depth underneath the sediment to dewater and consolidate the material in place to a moisture content and stability suitable for capping or excavation.

Whether in need of a clean closure, close in place, or simply improving the structural integrity of an existing surface impoundment, VCD offers the following advantages over alternative means and methods:

Lower cost

  • Cleaner effluents
  • Additive mitigation

Shorter schedules

  • Single Handling
  • Volume reduction

Lower risk

  • Strong, stable surface material
  • Leachate mitigation