Non-Thermal ZLD technology provides a lower cost means to process and dispose of the wastewater that is purged from wet FGD systems to control chloride levels.

Non-Thermal Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) technology involves mixing the FGD wastewater with FGD byproduct solids (gypsum or sulfite), fly ash and, if necessary, lime to produce a fixated and stable waste material which is suitable for placement in a dry landfill.

The key to successfully implementing Non-Thermal ZLD is to first minimize the amount of wet FGD wastewater that must be disposed of. Doing so reduces the amount of fly ash that cannot be put to beneficial use, while also minimizing the amount of lime required for the stabilization reaction. AECOM Process Technologies is able to apply our extensive experience in the design and operation of wet FGD processes to dramatically reduce the amount of wastewater requiring stabilization.

When designed and implemented properly, Non-Thermal ZLD offers the following advantages over competing ZLD technologies:

  • Lower capital and operating costs
  • Simpler and more reliable operation
  • Immobilization of the soluble ions and hazardous constituents

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