The Co-Flo™ Scrubber is innovative acid gas control technology ideal for retrofitting small and industrial boilers where cost and space limitation may preclude other options.

While upgrading existing flue gas desulfurization (FGD) units at coal-fired power plants, AECOM Process Technologies developed and implemented at commercial scale a novel FGD system based on co-current gas and liquid flow that can achieve an SO2 removal efficiency of 98% or greater. For small boiler and industrial applications, a Co-Flo Scrubber may cost less than half of a conventional FGD system.

Benefits of Co-Flo™ Scrubber

  • Single process island
  • Minimum pressure drop
  • Small footprint
  • 24-month construction schedule
  • SO2 removal efficiency above 98% achievable
  • Oxidized mercury removal above 90% achievable without re-emissions
  • Costs less than half of a conventional system

The low profile of the Co-Flo™ Scrubber allows it to be easily integrated with existing ductwork and stack while the small footprint makes it a viable alternative for congested sites.  Recycle slurry is injected into the absorber through co-current spray headers that transfer momentum to the flue gas to create a pressure rise across the absorber.  Mist elimination is provided by a bulk entrainment separator in front of a conventional two-stage mist eliminator.

The pressure rise across the absorber results in a total system pressure drop typically less than one inch of water.  This approach generally avoids the need for new booster fans and the costs associated with a balance draft conversion (e.g., structural reinforcements of the boiler, ductwork, and electrostatic precipitators).  The close-coupled design of the Co-Flo™ Scrubber eliminates the need for multiple process islands such as absorbers, forced oxidation, reagent preparation, dewatering, and water management equipment.  Furthermore, no process tanks and associated equipment are needed.

AECOM Process Technologies can provide turnkey engineering, procurement, and construction services to install a Co-Flo™ Scrubber system within 24 months.  This short project schedule is feasible because of the modular and standardized design of the Co-Flo™ Scrubber – less equipment to be designed, procured, and installed, and fewer interface issues to be resolved in plants with space constraints.