AECOM offers Advanced Selective Non-catalytic Reduction (SNCR) technology that ensures safe and reliable reductions in NOx emissions while minimizing reagent cost.

AECOM’s advanced SNCR system is comprised of a typical liquid storage, mixing and delivery system. What differentiates our offering from conventional SNCR technologies is its unique, non-compressed air injection system that provides superior system performance. Air-boosted nozzles result in deeper penetration of chemical reagents into the furnace, improving reagent utilization while maximizing NOx removal efficiency.

In addition, advanced feedback control algorithms ensure the system adapts to load and temperature changes in the furnace, minimizing NOx upsets and ammonia (NH3) slip while eliminating excess reagent injection.

The design is based on numerous past installations at various facilities, actual unit data and in-house CFD engineering expertise.  All system components are kept out of the furnace gas flow, eliminating the high potential for costly failures and damage to plant equipment.

System Performance

The system achieves NOx reductions of 30-40% over the load range on large utility furnaces with injections ports in the upper furnace on a single wall.  Higher levels of NOx reduction are achieved on units where injection ports can be placed on multiple furnace walls and on smaller industrial units.

Key SNCR performance indicators which are minimized via the design and control of the system are:

  • Reagent usage
  • NH3 slip at air heater inlet
  • NH3 in fly ash and wastewater
  • Compressed air usage