Vectren Corporation Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) Compliance

AECOM Process Technologies, through its partnership with Vectren Corporation is providing engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services for CCR compliance activities at Vectren’s A.B. Brown and F.B. Culley coal-fired generation stations.

The anticipated long-term objectives for CCR management at A.B. Brown and F.B. Culley are as follows:

  • Conduct a plant-wide water balance study to identify, quantify, and optimize waste streams.
  • Understand rainfall, stormwater site management, and outage events as it pertains to plant operations.
  • Develop alternative to sluicing bottom ash to ponds.
  • Design and permit an expansion to the existing A.B. Brown landfill to allow it to also serve F.B. Culley.
  • Closure of East and West Ash Ponds at F.B. Culley.
  • Closure of Upper and Lower Ash Ponds at A.B. Brown (including remedial repair of the Upper Ash Pond Dam, as needed).
  • Moisture conditioning and/or fixation for major CCR systems by mixing FGD waste with fly ash and lime (if necessary) to produce a stable and fixated waste material.
  • Continue to manage non-CCR water streams with means other than ponds.
  • Design and construct ancillary systems, (containerized storage pads, “tanks,” etc.) for temporary storage and handling to facilitate transfer to the landfill or beneficial use.
  • Water management and treatment to meet Effluent Limitation Guidelines (ELG) rules once the rule is published.

AECOM Process Technologies will manage construction concurrently at both project sites while working with a qualified subcontractor.

AECOM is partnering with Vectren Corporation to execute a systematic approach to compliance.

Project Location
Evansville, IN

Services Performed
Engineering (Phase I) with Procurement and Construction (Phase II)

Total Cost Estimate

Work Completion
Phase I – 2016
Phase II – TBD

Vectren Corporation
David Jackson
Strategic Sourcing Manager