Portfolio Category: Air Pollution Control

Since the early 1970s, AECOM has brought clean coal compliance solutions to new and operating fossil fuel power plants worldwide. As a full service engineering firm, AECOM offers comprehensive services during all stages of the air pollution control life cycle—from initial compliance strategy development to control technology demonstrations, detailed engineering, procurement, construction, and startup of capital improvements. AECOM has more applicable experience than any other company, and we have a large number of highly experienced personnel working full-time in the AQCS area. Drawing from this vast experience and knowledge, AECOM routinely tailors a combination of chemistry/operational changes, upgrades to existing equipment, and integration of new systems to achieve regulatory compliance objectives in the most economical manner.

In recent years, significant advances in clean coal technology have greatly improved the performance and reliability of upgraded AQCS systems. Some of these technologies offered by AECOM include:

FGD additives to eliminate mercury re-emissions from wet FGD.
Fixed-structure mercury sorbents – this technology provides both high efficiency and a high capacity for removing elemental and oxidized mercury from flue gas streams. In addition, it also provides significant reduction in SO2 emissions.
A wet sorbent injection technology – high efficiency SO3 control provides enhanced mercury capture by native ash or activated carbon.
ACI systems involving a dispersion lance that dramatically improves the distribution of sorbent (by surface area) in the bulk gas.
Plant operational changes to improve the performance of sorbent- or oxidation-based processes.
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling – design, evaluate, and/or optimize injection or fixed structure control systems, including sorbent conveyance and distribution.