Case Study: AECOM Process Technologies is maximizing the beneficial use of approximately six million tons of coal ash to facilitate the closure by removal of a 165-acre ash pond.

AECOM is providing design through construction for the closure of a coal ash pond at a Midwest power plant. AECOM initially supported the owner in evaluating CCR Rule-compliant closure strategies based on cost, environmental considerations, regulatory and community acceptability, and long-term liabilities. We are now providing turnkey delivery of the closure, which involves excavating and processing the coal ash for beneficial use in the production of cement.

Our scope first required the design and installation of the infrastructure necessary to convey coal ash roughly a mile from the pond to a retrofit barge loading facility. With this infrastructure in place as of late 2021, AECOM is now managing the dewatering and excavation of the ponded ash. During this process, ash is stockpiled, analyzed and blended to maximize the amount of material that meets specifications for cement production prior to being loaded on barges for transport. Off-spec material is hauled directly to either a landfill or hybrid cap in place for disposal.

Contract Type  Target Price
Start Date  2019
Infrastructure Completion  2021
Planned Closure Completion  2034

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