AECOM Process Technologies is rooted in applying the fundamentals of science and technology to address the economic and environmental challenges facing industry today.

We strive to be an entrepreneurial, highly valued organization within AECOM by providing specialized process technology solutions for our customers. Based in Austin, Texas, we foster an environment of growth and creativity to enhance the value of our customers’ business assets, contribute sustainably to our company’s profitability, and provide rewarding career opportunities for our employees.

For more than four decades, Process Technologies has helped clients successfully overcome regulatory and operational challenges through the development, implementation, and optimization of clean air, wastewater treatment, and gas treatment technologies.

What sets Process Technologies apart from other engineering groups is our investment in research and development (R&D) and our endless quest for finding a better, more economically viable way of meeting our clients’ current and pending needs. We maintain state-of-the art laboratories and have teams of scientists and engineers who conduct both third-party and internally funded research in the development of lower cost and/or more reliable process technologies.

In addition to inventing our own technologies, over the past two decades Process Technologies has collaborated with numerous companies to bring their new technology to the marketplace—several starting with just a concept. Depending upon the maturity of the technology, our involvement could start in the lab, at bench or pilot scale, or in the scale up to commercial size. Regardless of the starting point, we work with each company to demonstrate and improve the technology to provide the greatest likelihood of commercial success.

By combining traditional R&D with detailed design and construction capabilities, we strive to provide clients with technology solutions that can be installed and operated at a reasonable cost. We deliver overall solutions with the right balance of innovation and traditional technology offerings, and can deliver these solutions to our customers on an engineer and procure or full turnkey basis.