Built to deliver cost-competitive, reliable solutions to maximize performance and environmental regulatory compliance

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By combining traditional R&D with detailed design and construction capabilities, we strive to provide clients with guidance and solutions that meet their objectives as economically as possible.

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  • Solid Waste & Byproduct Management

    Our intimate knowledge of local, state and federal regulations, permitting requirements, and the production of CCR, allow us to deliver unique solutions that drive down the overall cost of compliance.
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  • Water Management & Treatment

    Our deep process understanding allows for the identification and application of innovative approaches for the reuse and/or reduction as well as improved treatability of wastewater streams.
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  • MATS Compliance Optimization

    Our Strategically Optimized Solutions (SOS) for MATS compliance put your existing pollution control systems to work to maximize mercury oxidation and removal—and save you money.
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For more than four decades, Process Technologies has helped clients successfully comply with regulatory and operational challenges through the development, implementation, and optimization of clean air, wastewater treatment, and gas treatment technologies.

  • Featured Products
  • Vacuum Consolidation Dewatering

    VCD reduces the complexity, cost, and time associated with the closure of ponds containing coal combustion residuals (CCR)
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  • SBS Injection™

    SO3 removal levels of 95-99% have been demonstrated on retrofit installations, and the process can easily meet strict H2SO4 emission limits for new power plants.
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  • FGD Upgrades

    Through cost-effective upgrades, the performance and reliability of an older FGD system can be improved to levels matching or exceeding those of new FGD systems—regardless of age and design.
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