Engineering solutions that minimize industry’s ecological footprint and support environmentally sustainable growth

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With the goal of leaving a positive, lasting impact on our communities and our planet, we support conservation and sustainability with services ranging from research and development through turnkey project delivery.

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  • Low-Carbon Future

    We actively support the necessary transition to a low-carbon future through decarbonization, carbon-capture & sequestration, fuel shifting, and waste reduction.
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  • Solid Waste & Byproduct Management

    We are an industry leader in the safe management of coal ash and other coal combustion residuals (CCR). From pond closures to new landfills to infrastructure for beneficial use, we lower the cost and risk of CCR Rule compliance.
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  • Water Management & Treatment

    Our deep process understanding allows for the identification and application of innovative approaches for the reuse, reduction and treatment of water and wastewater.
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We help clients successfully comply with regulatory and operational challenges through the development and delivery of innovative processes.

  • Featured Products
  • In-duct Wastewater Evaporation

    A simple, low-cost solution for the elimination of wastewater through its controlled injection into hot flue gas upstream of the existing particulate control device.
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  • Concrete Dewatering Tank

    A continuous flow and largely closed-loop system for the separation of solids like coal ash from transport water that minimizing storage volume, rotating equipment and equipment redundancy.
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  • FGD Upgrades

    Through cost-effective upgrades, the performance and reliability of flue gas desulfurization systems can be improved or maintained while reducing the generation of wastewater, solid waste and CO2.
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